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get nutrient-dense foods in bulk at jianmar!

Bringing Nature's Best Organic Superfoods to Your Table

Get nutrient-dense foods in bulk at Jian Mar Foods!

Discover the natural goodness at Jian Mar Foods, Torrance’s leading organic food store, now shipping nationwide!. We're all about the pure joy of nourishing your body with the finest organic superfoods. We bring you a curated selection of organic superfoods like goji berries, chlorella, and matcha powder. Each product promises purity and health benefits, tailored for those who value natural, nutritional food. With us, you get an authentic taste of organic quality.

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Buying in Bulk Can Save You Money

Stock up on organic food for your store in Torrance & Gardena, CA

Nutrition is an important part of every person's life. If you own a health food store in the Torrance & Gardena, CA area, you can source your products in bulk at Jianmar. We distribute health foods like matcha powder nationwide and into Canada.

Pioneering Organic Food Distribution

At Jian Mar Foods, we stand out as leaders in organic food distribution from Torrance, CA. We're dedicated to sourcing only the finest organic superfoods, ensuring our customers enjoy top-quality, nutritious products. Our commitment helps individuals and retailers alike access the transformative benefits of natural foods.


Every health food store has fresh fruits and vegetables, but you can upgrade your inventory with extras like goji berry powder, candied ginger and matcha powder. All our supplements are manufactured organically and designed to help your customers live healthier lifestyles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should bulk superfoods be stored to maintain their quality?

Bulk superfoods should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. We recommend using airtight containers to prevent exposure to air, which can degrade the quality and nutritional value of the products.

What are the typical lead times for bulk superfood orders?

Lead times for bulk orders vary depending on the product and order size, but we strive to process and ship orders as quickly as possible. We work closely with our clients to provide estimated delivery times and keep them updated throughout the shipping process.

How can businesses integrate your superfoods into their product offerings?

Our superfoods can be easily integrated into a variety of product offerings, from health-focused retail items to culinary ingredients in cafes and restaurants. We provide support and ideas on how to best use our superfoods to enhance your product line and appeal to health-conscious consumers.

How do you ensure the freshness of your bulk superfoods during transit?

We employ stringent measures to maintain freshness during transit, including vacuum-sealed packaging and temperature-controlled shipping options. These practices help preserve the nutritional quality and flavor of our superfoods from our warehouse to your storefront.

What is the shelf life of your bulk superfoods, and how should they be stored upon delivery?

The shelf life of our superfoods varies by product but typically ranges from 12 to 24 months when stored properly. Upon delivery, products should be kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Some products, like our matcha powder, may require refrigeration after opening to maintain maximum freshness.

Are there minimum order quantities for your bulk superfood products?

Yes, we have minimum order quantities which are designed to accommodate the needs of small to large-scale businesses. These thresholds ensure that we can provide the best price and maintain high quality across large batches. Specific minimums can be discussed directly with our sales team to meet your business requirements efficiently.


When you own a health food store, you want to supply your customers with the healthiest food possible. Organic food is a great way to bring in customers who are looking to boost their nutrition. Consider adding organic food to your store because...

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Enhance your health and product offerings with our high-quality organic superfoods.To learn more or place an order, contact Jian Mar Foods at (323) 789-9235. Discover the benefits of nature's best with our wide range of nutrient-rich products.

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