What Is Organic Matcha Powder?

What Is Organic Matcha Powder?

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Matcha powder is made from ground green tea leaves. Jianmar manufactures 100% USDA organic matcha powder for health food stores in the Torrance, California area. Matcha powder is a great addition to smoothies, coffee, baked goods and sauces. Enjoy natural energy without the crash of high-sugar treats.

Make sure your health food store has organic matcha powder on its shelves. Order your supply from Jianmar today.

The benefits of matcha

Adding matcha powder to your meal plan is the perfect way to get natural energy in a healthy way. Since organic matcha is derived from green tea leaves, it has a lot of great health benefits. It is known for...

  • Promoting digestion.
  • Accelerating healing.
  • Cleansing your system.

With mainstream coffee shops and other vendors now carrying matcha powder, it's a must-have for your health food store in Torrance, California. Shop for your supply of organic matcha powder at Jianmar today.